October Report 2016

October Report 2016


October, 2016

Wednesday 12 October, 2016.

It is my pleasure to present my report for the month.


A full complement of children continues to be enjoyed by both groups and no changes to this are expected in the foreseeable future. 

All positions for our 2017 groups have been filled and an Orientation Day for these families was held on Wednesday 14 September, 2016. There will be further opportunities for families to connect and familiarise themselves with our beautiful environment before starting in the new year.


Generally speaking, the health of everyone here at Kindergarten as we moved towards the end of Term 3 and into Term 4 was good. Occasional absences due to various illnesses occurred but thankfully these were shortlived.

Kindergarten Curriculum:

Following last month’s report, the centre closed for the Term 3 holiday, when a well-earned rest occurred for everyone. During that time, Mandy, Jakki and I attended Kindy over several days to prepare for the new and final term together. The room was completely redesigned and Mandy and I set about recreating the environment so as to place new emphases on areas which encouraged the children to explore and experience their familiar environment in a whole new way. Upon both groups’ return we have found this to be the case. It has been a positive change and new work and projects are emerging.

In Term 4 Group 1 has enjoyed a visit from Aunty Di, a member of our local Aboriginal tribe, who presented her “Koori Kids” program. The children engaged with her in a corroboree where they discussed “the tribe’s problems” together and discussed how to solve them. They danced to the beat of clap sticks and acted out animal movements. They thought about all the food that the tribes could find and catch in the bush and the ocean. The boys tried their hand at playing the didgeridoo. Girls are not permitted to play this instrument due to aboriginal rule. Aunty Di needed to gain special permission from the elders to be able to demonstrate its sound. We finished the wonderful sessions by having our face painted with authentic white ochre. The children chose which animal they wanted to be – a shark, bush butterfly, koala, goanna to name a few. Group 2 will enjoy this same experience on Thursday 13 October.

The new term also meant a new way of working with the children for Mrs T in her role as our Outdoor Teacher. After much preparation and discussion, we have finally begun our “Nature Days” and the first was held last week for Group 1 with enormous success. The children were completely engaged with the environment on the far side of our local park. They moved freely through the bushes, trees, water’s edge and leafy undergrowth as they explored this gorgeous and mysterious environment. There were opportunities to be creative and to challenge ourselves. We will continue to support the children’s ideas about how to enhance their connection to this place and to extend their work there so as to make it relevant and challenging. We are all looking forward to presenting the same opportunities to Group 2 from next week.

General Business:

Mandy and I will be attending a Reggio Emilia Australia seminar this Saturday 15 October at the Southern Cross University campus at Tugun. We are looking forward to exploring the Reggio philosophy together and hope to bring new insights to our work with the children as a result of this occasion. We are also anticipating being able to share our knowledge with Kate and Jakki, as well as the families as we incorporate more and more of this philosophy into our work.

Barefoot in the Park will occur once again this year. It will be held in Firth Park, Mudgeeraba on Wednesday 26 October from 10:00am-1:00pm. Please see your separate notice outlining details about this very important day in our centre’s calendar. We look forward to seeing you all there.

We look forward to our final weeks together. This is always the most exciting and eventful time of the year for the children, and it passes by so quickly. Don’t blink!


Jane Hely