Co-Director’s Report March 2018

Wednesday 14th March 2018

It is our pleasure to submit our second report to the Committee of Management. We have enjoyed a busy first term. It has been full of ‘firsts’ and a constant exploration of new ideas.
The connections and relationships we have nurtured this term have been a stepping stone of establishing a sense of belonging (for the children, families and staff at our Kindergarten).


The children in both groups are well settled and are becoming increasingly more independent as they move through their Kindergarten days. Our routines encourage independence because they are predictable, inclusive and participatory. Thank you for actively encouraging your child to participate in the morning routine upon arrival. As the children organise themselves and do their jobs, a sense of agency is developed. Circle times denote the beginning and end of our day. They can say goodbye confidently because they know their role and sense of belonging is strong.


Thank you for keeping unwell children at home. This ensures that illnesses do not spread and helps children to recover so that they may actively participate in our days at Kindy. We would also like to thank you for ringing ahead of time and letting us know if your child will be away due to circumstances (medical/ personal etc.). Phoning rather than emailing is appreciated because once our program preparation begins we are not using the computer. Messages that are left on our answering machine are always helpful to us so that we may contact you as soon as possible.

Kindergarten Curriculum:

The children have been very involved in dramatic play. This type of play provides opportunities to reinvent scenes that may take place in other areas of life. The children negotiate roles of people within imaginary classrooms, building sites and family homes etc. Within this role play, the children are testing their ideas and exploring language. They are essentially ‘trying on life’ and developing social confidence.

Miss Alanna continues to explore the concept of ‘perspective’ through art. This exciting journey has allowed the children to look at flowers from various perspectives and include fine detail within their artwork. Miss Alanna inspired and guided a connection between art and science. We investigated chemical reactions whilst colour mixing and learned how to manipulate different tools for different purposes. We are becoming more confident in our ‘signatures’ (signing our name) upon our work.

Sue Jordan and her fruit and vegetable puppets came to the Kindergarten to explore the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables. The puppets were able to highlight the importance of brushing teeth, to ensure decay is minimised. The boys and girls had an opportunity to play the role of the puppets and discuss the fruits and vegetables they love to eat

Louise also came to the Kindergarten to help us think of ways we can be ‘Loving Our World’. We sang together and discussed ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ are the significant steps we must take to minimise plastic and help our animals. Louise provided a wonderful interactive experience that incorporated recycled instruments and imaginative dances, all to which the children responded enthusiastically.

General Business:

All staff attended a professional development workshop on Saturday 17th of February 2018. It focused on an introduction into the Reggio Emilia philosophy. The workshop was a valuable catalyst for discussion and reflection upon the Reggio Emilia journey that we the staff collectively began last year. The examples of children’s work and staff planning that were provided are truly inspiring!

Miss Jane and Miss Kate attended a workshop on the 2nd March 2018. The workshop focused on ‘emotion management for children and teens with ASD’. It consolidated the knowledge that Kate and Jane had already regarding anxiety manifesting in children. We agree that the strategies and ideas presented in the workshop can be applicable to all children, not just those with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Back-to-Kindy Days for the previous years’ groups are an important part of our calendar each year and 2017 Group 1’s was held Tuesday 6th March, with great success. Group 2’s will be held Wednesday 21st March. It’s such fun for the children to return after a month or two of getting used to ‘Big School’ to share their experiences and show off their uniform. Past friendships are strong and hold very happy memories that they may revisit on these special afternoons.

Photo days will take place on Tuesday 20th of March for Miss Jane’s Group and Friday 23rd March for Miss Lauren’s Group. Class photos are $25 each, with additional packages available. Please leave an envelope with your order form and payment in the marked box on the sign in table.

Term 2 begins on Tuesday 17th April for Miss Jane’s Group and Thursday 19th April for Miss Lauren’s Group. Please consult your Term Dates page to confirm attendance days.

As this is the last report before end of term, we would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support as we work together for the betterment of all children and their families in our lovely Kindergarten community.


We wish you a very safe and happy holiday and Easter celebrations.

Jane Hely and Lauren Regan