Our second term began with quite a different atmosphere.  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place, many families remain at home. Kindergarten staff utilised the holiday period to organise resources and experiences for children so that learning could continue in this unprecedented context.

Miss Jane and Miss Lauren are providing an online program and catering to the needs of a group of children and their families that are attending in person.  The experiences that are designed for the online program have been consistent to what the children are learning at our Kindergarten.

Our Centre’s philosophy, curriculum outcomes and our knowledge of early childhood theory and development was central to the design of our online learning program.

We strived to provide suggestions and experiences that would support the development of each child’s identity both within their family and community context. Environmental awareness, physical and emotional wellbeing, language and literacy development and creative expression were also nurtured through these experiences. These are all important elements that we will continue to support the children with once they return to Kindergarten.

We have received positive feedback regarding our virtual sessions on ‘Zoom’ and found that smaller groups gave more opportunity for children to have their voices heard. We would like to thank all families who were patient as we ironed out any technical difficulties.  Children and parents have shown incredible engagement on our virtual learning platform and connections have been sustained through the sharing of ideas, memories, and personal aspects of ‘home life’ during this strange time.

The Queensland premier’s latest announcement presented exciting news for our families and we anticipate that all children enrolled will return in week four of this term.  With the return of all children, strict health and safety protocols will remain in place to protect both families and staff. This includes adjustments in the arrival/departure, regular checks of the children’s temperatures, no additional people in and out of our building and enhanced cleaning of equipment, furniture, and resources (just to name a few).

Social celebrations and incursions have and will continue to be postponed until further instructions are received from health professionals and the government. We look forward to seeing Miss Alanna (our Artist-In-Residence) teacher return to work closely with the children on enjoyable artistic endeavours.

General Business:

Our pupil free day of this term has been utilised for our annual First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training on Wednesday 14th May.

We have had to organise numerous upgrades and repairs to our Centre due to the age of the building and damage from recent weather. This includes new flooring throughout the main area and storeroom, replacement of shade sails over our fort and roof repairs. The financial contribution that families make when paying our levies has alleviated a small portion of these costs. We are grateful for the support that families provide so that we can sustain a quality learning environment with quality resources for our children.

Lauren Regan & Jane Hely