Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten Philosophy

Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten has a tradition of providing high quality, community-based early childhood education and care for more than forty years. The strength and success of our program is based on the genuine and enduring relationships that are formed and cemented within our community. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which our Kindergarten stands and the role we play as custodians of the land.

We believe that:

• Are unique individuals who are competent, capable and successful learners.
• Are entitled to equal opportunities within an inclusive environment.
• Have individual rights and a voice, which do not override the rights and voice of others.
• Learn through play, both individually and whilst interacting with peers and adults.

• Are unique and add to a rich diversity of culture, beliefs and knowledge within our Kindergarten.
• Are respected as the first and foremost educators in their child’s life.
• Are welcomed as partners in the Kindergarten and as such should be part of the collaborative process to ensure the continued evolution and relevance of our centre within the community.

The Community
• Should be recognised and welcomed into our centre as additional stakeholders who can assist children to deepen their understanding of their place within the wider world.

• Should be based on sound early childhood theory which places children’s wellbeing at its core.
• Is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline.
• Is developed through a collaborative process which includes children, families, educators, the environment and the community.

The Environment
• Should be aesthetically pleasing.
• Should be a place where nature and natural beauty are respected and admired.
• Should be protected through sustainable practices.
• Includes the indoors and outdoors, both of which hold equal value in importance as learning spaces.
• Should inspire a sense of predictability and security whilst simultaneously encouraging children to challenge themselves and take considered risks.
• Rather than being as safe as possible, should be as safe as necessary thereby respecting that children should be able to explore their own capabilities.

• Should share a disposition towards being part of and contributing to an environment where children and families feel welcomed and valued.
• Should form warm, trusting and nurturing relationships with children, families and colleagues.
• Work best in an environment where they feel heard, valued, respected and free to express and relate beliefs and ideas through collegial interaction.
• Should continue to develop their knowledge base through participation in meaningful Professional Development and collaborative critical reflection.
• Have the responsibility of instilling in children, respect and awareness for the first people of our nation.

Each child’s journey of living and learning continues and grows during their time at Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten. It is fervently hoped that their experience with us will inspire a lifelong curiosity about their world, an appreciation of the possibilities that lie waiting to be discovered, and a firm belief that they have much to offer.