Testimonial by Rhys B.

To the staff at Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten,

I am writing to express my gratitude and admiration for the standard of service offered at your centre. From the moment we began the application process we have felt welcomed and connected to the small community you have established. Deterred by the frequent change-over of staff and general inconsistencies at a previous child-care centre, my wife and I, both Primary teachers, sought an environment more conducive to routine, relationships and exciting life experiences for our second son: Callum.

Today, Callum returned to Pre-Prep after a nine week absence due to the Covid-19 precautions and government health regulations. However, his connection with Miss Lauren and his peers did not diminish during this time, as Zoom meetings and even a friendly visit to our house allowed his learning to continue and personal place/connection to the class to be maintained. He was so excited to return to ‘school’ today and despite social distancing protocols and health precautions, was welcomed and entered the centre independently, much in the routine fashion.

Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten’s setting, facilities and educational values are somewhat unique in this era and it is these particular aspects which initially attracted us to the centre. Opportunities for the students to explore the neighbourhood, get dirty at play, participate in creative art classes, share responsibilities, and involving their families in community working bees all add to the charm and experience extended to your students and their families.

Thank you to Miss Lauren, Miss Jakki and all of the staff at Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten. For Bonnie and I, having Callum attend your centre is a privilege, one which we hope to replicate for our youngest son in the coming years.


Rhys Bishop. 14.05.2020

Testimonial by Emily H.

Dear Miss Jane,

The last day of Kindy seemed to creep up so slowly yet go so fast that I nearly missed it. I have only now sat down, and realised the significance of the last year and felt that there was still some need to send an email to thank you and Mandy and Kate for the time you gave to my daughter this year.

There is so much stuff that that is sooooo cool at Kindy, but I have to make special note of all the fabulous songs that have become regulars at our house - and these songs have then travelled to Grandma's house, to Melbourne, to my brother overseas and to Playgroup. They are awesome. The artist in residence is also really amazing, really, really amazing.

I am extremely grateful for the small things that I have already tried to teach at home on a day to day basis and was so pleased that you all practiced these things at Kindy - the worms, the recycling, the food, the sustainability. As she stands before me determined, (stubborn), strong, brave and independent explaining how she is going to be a teacher when she grows up, I believe that you will always be remembered as Tallulah's first teacher and if she does become a teacher, I believe you all will be the inspiration behind it.

And as the little tom tomato song is buzzing around my head and as I see all the banana's from our tree sitting patiently waiting to get the chop chop choppity chop, and out of the corner of my eye I see two small people attempting to put a 'Christmas Show' on, I think back to the start of the year when at bed time one night Tallulah could not sleep. And as she chattered away, holding my hand she said 'mummy, you have no idea how much fun kindy is, you have no idea'. Its funny, because I kind of did and I remember my kindy being alot like her kindy and I remember my teacher, Mrs. Anderson and I am grateful for the little Kindy at Broadbeach Waters that is so big in the scheme of things.

Thank you all
Love from
Emily H. 11. 12 2011.

Testimonial by Margaret.

Dear Deb,

Sophia hasn’t stopped talking about the bees and the honey – well done for providing such a holistic experience for the kids.
Margaret. 24.09.2013

Testimonial by Lara.

Dear Deb,

Thank you for the lovely email.
This kindy has been a big part of our lives and we have treasured every moment. Nicholas still looks back at his kindy days as the best days of his young life and remembers many of his kindy experiences and friends. He has even kept letters you wrote to him in his memory box.We leave kindy with a heavy heart. Please let us know if you ever need help as Maurice is more than willing to give accounting advice and I can help with working bees or on roster if someone is sick or you ever get stuck.Thank you for blessing our lives and giving our children an appreciation of their environment. The decoration symbolises the peace that you and Jane bring. As Mother Teresa said, if we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Have a wonderful holiday.
Lara xx     08.12.2012.