Curriculum Introduction

Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten boasts a stunning environment both indoors and outdoors. The amazing array of resources and facilities supports our play-based curriculum where children’s interests and abilities are scaffolded so that potential and deep involvement in their learning journey is maximized.

Early childhood educators can, and often do, learn by trial and error, in bits and pieces. But it's easier when learning follows a logical order and we don't have to figure it all out by ourselves. Those who work with young children can benefit from using a proven curriculum as a guide.

A curriculum allows individual educators to benefit from the collective expertise of many. It would be nearly impossible for a single person or even the entire staff of one agency to invent a complete curriculum from scratch. Developing a curriculum takes years of work by a group of thoughtful practitioners and researchers who pool their knowledge and talents. Practitioners who use the curriculum are drawing from this bank of collective wisdom.

A curriculum developed through a process of rigorous study and research can offer evidence of effectiveness. It is not enough to adopt a curriculum in the belief that it is good. There must be proof that it works. Program administrators, taxpayers, parents and educators all need reassurance that the curriculum will truly benefit young children.

Flexibility is another advantage that may be offered by a curriculum. Using a single, proven curriculum does not mean that education is rigid. In fact, the approach should adjust to fit the children and community being served. Rather than providing a script to follow, a good curriculum assumes that the individuals using it have talents and ideas. It enables educators to build on the knowledge that already exists in the field, add in their own experience and observations, and then modify what they do for the individuals and groups in their programme. (Joan Brink, 2013)

As required by legislation, we use the nationally accredited Early Years Learning Framework for foundational support at Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten, and as a Queensland-based centre, we are required to use the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline as our curriculum reference for planning, interactions, monitoring and assessment.