Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten

Our Partners

Lady Gowrie Queensland

Our Kindergarten is affiliated with Lady Gowrie (QLD). This not for profit organisation acts as our Central Governing Body. They provide management advice, facilitate our funding from the State Government and provide educational consultancy in the form of seminars and an early educational and care consultant. We follow the framework set out by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority (ACECQA) and adhere to the National Quality Standards

This kindy has been a big part of our lives and we have treasured every moment. Nicholas still looks back at his kindy days as the best days of his young life and remembers many of his kindy experiences and friends. He has even kept letters you wrote to him in his memory box.We leave kindy with a heavy heart.

-Lara XX

Commitee of Management

Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten is a not for profit community-based Kindergarten funded by State Government grants, attendance fees and funds raised by the parent body each year. The Centre is managed by a volunteer committee of parents of currently enrolled children. This Committee of Management is elected annually and operates most effectively with the interest and support of all families. Families can help by attending the meetings and by actively participating in the Centre’s maintenance rosters, social events and fundraising activities.
Committee of Management performs a range of duties, including:
To ensure our kindergarten is kept affordable and continues to maintain a strong financial position in the many years to come, we rely on family participation. With every family having their own unique skills there are a wide variety of roles available and an even longer list of helpers required. Participation can be in the form of a committee position, working bees, washing hand towels or implementing fundraising events (to name a few!). There will be something to suit you!


Relationships are at the heart of our kindergarten program and we recognise the importance of family in children’s lives and as their first and most influential educators. It is through collaboration and family involvement that children’s growth is nurtured and amplified. Children and their families bring a variety of experiences, perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning and our community.

We celebrate diversity of gender, culture, sexuality, spirituality or religious belief and welcome people of all abilities, social or financial status, LGBTIQ+, and all cultural backgrounds including First Nations Peoples. Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten supports everyone’s right to feel respected, safe, welcomed and valued in our community.

Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten values Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures.
We believe that by fostering children’s understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, and challenging biases, we can positively impact children’s future attitudes towards cultural diversity. Our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) is an organic document that continues to grow and change as our understanding deepens.

Allied Health Services

Our Kindergarten has an open-door policy for all Allied Health Professionals as they actively work with families and us and to help a child achieve their optimal physical, emotional, social or cognitive development. Therapy not only focuses on the child but on up-skilling, educating and empowering parents, educators and other important people in the child’s life. This ensures everyone has the right tools to remain consistent in each environment (working as a team). Families at our service are guaranteed our support in finding and/or accessing relevant services and community organisations.
Support Services that families can link in with include (but are not limited to):
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