Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten

Our Story

In 1967, Moana Park Kindergarten began in Lesley Littlejohn’s home. Later, it moved to the Church of God building on Moana Park Avenue, with Mrs. Barbara Overell as the first qualified Director in 1969. The kindergarten served families from Florida Gardens, Cypress Gardens, Coral Gables, and Moana Park, which are now known as Broadbeach Waters.

In 1973, an Executive Committee, including Barry Spall, Geoff Burchill, Peter Overell, David Rosin, Tom Bartlett, Stuart Bauman, Reg Schuster, and Roberto Ulliana, personally contributed funds to secure a $20,000 bank loan for the construction of the current building. The land, carpark, and some trees were granted by the Albert Shire. Miss Anne Schuster, the new Director, played a significant role in the building’s design and planning. Mr. Bauman donated electrical work, refrigerator, and stove, while Mr. Rosin donated paint for both the interior and exterior.

On 19 September 1973, the Opening Celebrations marked the beginning of Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten. Families raised $2000 through an Opening Day fete, combined with a $2000 government grant, to furnish the Centre with essential items. Mr. Barry Spall served as President in the early days, ensuring a promising future for the kindergarten. In January 1974, a tragedy struck when the Centre experienced severe flooding, resulting in the loss of the entire library. With no flood insurance, a $500 donation from the Crèche & Kindergarten Association helped rebuild the library with the support of volunteers.

Despite the challenges, Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten has since maintained its reputation as a distinguished Early Childhood Education Center on the Gold Coast. The nurturing environment owes its success to the dedication of numerous families who have been part of the kindergarten over the years. This success is a collective effort, relying on the active participation of each family joining the community. Together, they continue to advocate for the importance of quality Early Childhood Education, ensuring Broadbeach Waters Kindergarten remains an outstanding example of excellence.


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